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Safety, efficiency, reliability, sustainability is what matters the most. We are committed to achieve  our partner's goals by leveraging the latest advancements in the oil and gas sector.

We have the capability to supply high strength, galvanized and coated steels products that are to customer specifications. Applications
Alemania Logistic Services in cooperation with one of the world’s leading providers of freight forwarding and supply chain management
Through Alemania’s global financial and professional partners network and strategic alliances, we are able to provide access to the
We have successfully launched major network mobile operators in GCC, Africa, America and Asia regions. Examples of MEC Gulf’s

About us

Alemania Industrial Services caters to multiple sectors of the oil and gas industry. Whether its crude oil or natural gas or natural gas liquids, from refineries, gas treatment, petrochemical production, from pipelines to storage facilities, the Alemania service solutions and expertise give you a driving edge.  turbomachinery that lies at the heart of your value-adding process.

OUR Expertise

Maintain your competitive edge by using the Alemania  expertise as a trusted partner and oil and gas parts/machinery supplier.

Alemania Industrial Services Goals

We aim to achieve your business goals as market demand for quality rises higher and higher.  Our reinventions and modifications enable you to realign the behaviour of your industrial equipment with your business goals.